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Forecast laws

1. General Introduction and definitions 

1.1 All Casabet365 products are operated by SOCIETE' CASA BET SARL, a company licensed under the laws of Tunisia with registration number D0155223015.  
1.2 “T&Cs” are the terms & conditions constituting and governing the contractual relationship, as stated herein, and which the parties, as stated herein, hereby agree upon. 

1.3 A "Client" is an individual, having an account, therefore, a contractual relationship with the company. 
1.4 An "Account" is an account held by a Client, for bona fide transactions, with a strict aim to establish a normal commercial relationship with the company and with the strict purpose of conducting betting and other gaming and gambling transactions. 
1.5 The "Governing Authorities" are the authorities of Curacao. The "Governing Law" is the law of Curacao.
1.6 "Force Majeure" refers to any occurrence or condition beyond one's reasonable control which leads to a delay or default in the performance to the affected party's contractual obligation and shall, for the purposes of the T&Cs, include Acts of God, Government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any necessary license where such denial or cancellation is made through no fault of the affected party), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected. 
1.7 All trademarks, service marks and trade names as well as images, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies (collectively the “Intellectual Assets”) found on the Website, the Client Application and the material contained therein are the exclusive property of The Company and/or The Company suppliers and partners. The Client is not entitled to exploit or otherwise use any Intellectual Asset for whatever purpose, except for what is allowed by law.

- Casabet365.com is a website where you can wager and make prediction on sporting events.

- By registering, creating accounts or using any section of the Casabet365.com website, the user consents to all rules and regulations of these terms and conditions in appliance with the sports betting rules.  (link to sports betting rules)

- Casabet365.com is authorized to change the rules and methods of payment without notice to its own users. Bets already placed will remain at odds when placed, new bets placed will be registered in accordance with the new rules.

- Casabet365.com website can, if necessary, refuse anyone to provide any services without a reason.

Reference to “you”,”your”,”user” or the “customer” is in reference to any person using any services of Casabet365.com and/or any registered user of Casabet365.com.

Interconnected events and results

- In mixing and system predictions, registration of different events associated with a match is prohibited in any form, even those that are directly related to one another. If such predictions include events involving a match, this prediction will be back, even if the computer program does not block the uptake of the game. Single Identities are exclusively allowed to learn about interconnected events.

- In group stage games where teams or teams climb, only mixing and system predictions is the selection of a team from a permitted group. If such predictions of climb or non-climbing teams are recorded from the same group in a form, predictions will be recoverable, even if the large-scale acceptance program does not block this prediction. Single Identity has the exclusive right to decide on the acceptance of predictions of climbing or non-climbing in a mix, system, and single mode.

Technical and obvious errors

- The individual is not responsible for any possible errors, such as typing, transfer or counting the predictions. Specifically, the single is the right to correct the obvious errors that occur when entering information in the coefficients or calculating the amount of forecasts (such as mistakes that lead to incorrect representation of team coefficients, events that are flagged, etc.) and Or invalid to declare their respective forecasts after the end of the event.

Predictions are returned in cases where obvious errors are corrected. Most commonly used technical errors are as follows:

1.1 Error insertion of coefficients: When the coefficient (with handheld settings, sum, ...) without a separator (point) or with an additional number is displayed. For example, instead of the factor of 1.8, the number 18 is displayed, or instead of the coefficient of 2, 23 or 30 instead of 3.

1.2. Mirror Errors: When the coefficient is displayed for users. In this case, for example, the host team's team wins the team for the guest team and the guest team coefficient for the host team.

1.3. Writing errors: In this case, the coefficients are correct, but the names of the host and guest teams have been displaced, this may occur more often in competitions held on neutral ground.

The obvious signs of obvious errors are the significant difference between single-person coefficients and other references, so that coefficients are almost impossible in the current situation.

The right to distinguish between obvious errors or technical errors is exclusively a monotony.

- The individual has the right to cancel predictions based on deliberately false and obvious errors. The user will be informed immediately of changes in his inventory.

- A single right to cancel a prediction that results in a technical or explicit error in the user's range even after the end of the event.

- In cases where the user's inventory is insufficient and is recorded due to technical problems, forecasts will be canceled.

- If the user's account receives an increase in inventory error, the user is obliged to report it to the support team. If, due to an error, a negative inventory was considered for a user, the individual right to cancel the unpredicted forecasts with Being registered before the error occurred.

- In the event that a user deliberately causes damage due to the use of technical or managerial mistakes, a single person has the right to pledge the user, in the event of an increase in inventory or possession of the item, to pay damages.


- The single will not accept any kind of prediction from the users, and will be able to provide services in this regard. All predictions must be made from the user account balance.

Legal aspects

- It is the responsibility of the user to register, participate in matches and games.

By registering and participating in the tournament, the user confirms that he has reached the legal age and agrees to the rules of the website.

- Casabet365 has the power to inform users of their special offers and new features via email or phone number.

- In the event of non-compliance between different versions of the translated rules, the English version of the rules is considered as a reference.

- Objections to the results of each event up to 5 days after the end of the events are accepted for re-examination.

Rate Limit

- Casabet365 has the discretion to disregard any user's forecasts without giving reasons, and may also temporarily or permanently block any user account without prior notice.

- The minimum or maximum number of predictions is determined by the individual sports betting events and the site has the discretion to change it without notice. In addition, Casabet365 has the right to apply special restrictions to user accounts of any user.

- Casabet365 does not recommend that two or more users log their predictions from one IP address (from a computer or a local network) because of the avoidance of a hypothesis of fraud. Casabet365 Identity has the right to block User Accounts in such circumstances and request valid and required proofs to resolve the issue to ensure that the account is valid.

- The sums of money will be paid in compliance with the maximum limit of the specified winnings. If the user has registered a forecast and the winning bid exceeds the maximum, the single player will not pay more than the maximum limit.

: Hint

In the mix bet, the maximum total coefficient is calculated during the 1000th win. This means that if you bet on a microchase that has a total coefficient of 1,000 and win, your prize

will be calculated with -Disilances of 1,000.

- Sport statistics are published in the statistics section three days after the end of the sporting events on the single-hit website.

Out-of-date forecasts

- Forecasts recorded after the end of the events (with the exception of live events) are invalid in all cases and are returned, and are withdrawn from the mix and system forms. Any kind of prediction (including live events) recorded on an event recorded in real time after an event is considered invalid and returned.

- If the user wants to challenge the event before the event, it will need to provide an official document (or a valid link from the website of the parties to the event) that confirms the actual time of the match he has predicted.

- If the debate about the start of an event results in a failure to provide or inadequate information from the official bodies of the tournament participants, the start date of the event, which will be considered on the website of the betrayal, will be considered as an acceptable source. .


- If a return of a prediction is announced, such a prediction is considered as a predictor of the slave by a factor of 1. If the prediction is single, it means that the user will receive a refund for this prediction. In mixing and system modes, the sum of coefficients will change accordingly (in the event when the return occurs, the coefficient changes to 1, and the coefficient of other events will remain unchanged, and the final coefficient will be calculated as such).

For example, consider a mixing format for the "Finland-Moldova", "Malta-Croatia" and "Bulgaria-England" teams. The Finnish coefficient is 1.55, Handicap -2 Croatia 1.7, and England is 1.5. In this case, before the tournament, the final coefficient is 3.95 (1.55 × 1.7 × 1.5). If Finland and England win and Croatia score 2-0, the Handicap -2 Croatian has not lost or lost, its coefficient is 1 (backfire). As a result, the final coefficient of this form is 2.325 (1.5 × 1 × 1.55).

- If the total number of goals is equal to the sum of the predicted and among the options, the equal option does not exist. Similarly, for all the total predictions, if the final value of the match is equal to the assumed total sum, the return is made.



Forecast groups and tournament limits

- Users are only allowed to anticipate on their own. Estimates over a given time period, including the same choices from one or more users, are considered inappropriate to be detected and canceled by the website. Even after announcing the outcome of such predictions, forecasts are invalid and canceled if the website is assured that users have colluded or participated as syndicates, or suspicious predictions have been registered by one or more users.

- The prediction limits for sports events are determined based on the status of the user account and the event / independent prediction. If the user is allowed to record a prediction out of range, he will receive a message on this subject. Multiple forecasts with the same combination of options are not accepted in a prediction. Avoiding the error message and recording such a forecast will in any way lead to the cancellation of the registered forms.

Not participating in the race

- If the contradiction in the special rules of the sports is not formed, when the event participant is not participating in any event on which the prediction is conducted, it is considered valid and considered a loser. Exceptions are as follows:

Cancel event / tournament.

Invalid event / tournament.

Event location changed.

Stop event / tournament.

- Forecasts with two results, if one of the participants refuses to participate in the event / tournament, the forecast is reversible.

The rules of the sports

- The rules of the sport are prioritized by the general rules.

Some types of predictions

- In predictions of "sum of paired / individual", regardless of the type of sport and the desired situation (including the sum of flowers, cards, errors, etc.) if the result is 0, the predictions are considered as "paired numbers" be.

- All predictions are calculated on the number of badges based on the official table of badges at the end of the event. Any subsequent change by official authorities will not change the outcome of the projections.

- A medal awarded by a national team in each event, regardless of the number of participants in the team, is considered as a medal.

- In any market with the option "Any other item", this option includes all event participants that are not listed separately in the market options.

- In each game from any event in the additional markets of the tours (total number of goals, goals, losses, equalizations, corners, yellow cards, etc.), only matches from the tour are considered to include the daily routine.


- Only registered users can participate in bonus programs. For membership, the user must enter the registration process and all the details accurately and accurately with the Latin font and in accordance with his / her name and family on his ID card and bank account.

- Forecast only if you are a member and membership only includes people over 18 years old. Site To ensure the legality of the users' age, you need to receive a valid identification document such as ID card, driver's license, end-of-service card and birth certificate by user's email.

- All information and specifications provided during registration must be accurate and complete (the nickname is not acceptable in any way) and the specification must be in accordance with the ID card and the bank account; otherwise the user will be unable to withdraw from his account and Transferring money to your bank account will not be blocked and your account will be blocked.

- Casabet365 has the authority to block user accounts that have recorded incorrect information and refrain from settling accounts. If necessary, the user must provide the necessary documentation to resolve the issue in order to regain access to his account.

Users can only have one account, creating a new account is definitely against the rules of the site. In the event of a violation of the new account, the accounts will be invalidated and the forecasts recorded by it will be void.

- Users do not have permission to share their username with anyone. Please note that if you have any problems, you will not be able to change your username so please do not give it to anyone. If your password is forgotten or forgotten. You can change or restore it, but this option does not include the username

- Note that you do not send us sensitive information for your account via email not encrypted.

Accounts charge

- Different charging methods are available depending on the selected currency. A complete list of these methods and limitations on the charge and billing screens are visible. Casabet365 has the power to change these rules and details.

- When performing any transaction, it is necessary that the name of the cardholder or bank account with the name of the account holder on the site is identical. Otherwise, Casabet365 will have the option of canceling transactions and returning predictions when using an account or personal bank card.

If the account is charged for anything other than predictions, poker, casino, and financial forecasts, the website (to prevent fraudulent circulation of money) has the right to cancel the charge.

Financial limitations

- The minimum single prediction fee for each event starts from 200 TT and can be changed. The amount in the mix or system forecasts is also 200 TT, and it is possible to change.

- The maximum amount of forecast for events depends on the type of sport and event that is defined independently by the website for each event and each forecast. This issue can be changed without notice. Casabet365 has the right to limit the prediction of independent events to the maximum. Also, special restrictions apply to users' user accounts without prior notice and explanation.

- Financial constraints apply to any user or user group that has two or more predictions including similar choices. If this is detected, all predictions will be void and only the initial forecast will remain as the correct prediction.

Users, please note that if you withdraw the above amounts you will be allowed to withdraw daily to a maximum of 50 million of your Casabet365 account to your bank account.



Bonus rules

At the request of Bonus users are only allowed to choose a type of forecast in one type of market event. For example, you can not choose both paired and individual predictions, or both over and under goals for the number of team goals in a game.

This is a violation, in which case all bonus bonuses will be deducted from your account and you will no longer be able to request a new Bonus.

Payments and Paid

- All withdrawal requests will be reviewed within 24 hours and will be verified after 24 hours and will be transferred to the user account. Therefore, respected users will be required to post the deadline for tracking their withdrawal status with the team. Contact support

- Before the deposit is paid, the accuracy of the name and surname and other user information will be checked by the website. If there is a conflict between the specifications provided and the profile of the user already registered, the website is authorized to suspend the withdrawals until the receipt of valid and Proof of the user's real identity.

Please take care when entering any data for your bank account. Also make sure you enter your Sheba number accurately double check in case of any errors. Casabet365 will not take any responsibility for any user typing error or mistake and therefore has the right to refuse payment.

- If a website is notified that it has created more than one or more user accounts, it will refuse all payments to its accounts. (Except for legal assets transferred to the account of the user and after the deposit of 10% of the total account charge as a fine)

- Groups and family members must separate their user accounts from their relationships, and the name of the account holder must be the same as the name of the bank account holder.

- The user confirms the registration of the bank card on the site (it agrees), which provided the bank information to transfer the prizes and pays the account to that account, so please refrain from registering the bank card of other persons if an offense is committed, the user will be responsible for the consequences.

- Casabet365 has the power to pay the user's account with the methods that are prioritized to the site.

- Before requesting the first settlement, the user must operate at least 100% of the account charge. This requirement is specified in order to counter fraudulent circulation of the money.

Any legal claim or dispute arising under or in connection with the Contract shall be settled in accordance with the Governing Law of the Place of the Contract. In the event of a dispute, it is advisable that the Account Holder lodges a complaint with customer service using the contact details in the Website. The parties should do their utmost to reach an amicable settlement within a reasonable time. The client may also lodge a complaint within 6 months to www.curacao-egaming.com or using the e-mail [email protected] address. The complaint must contain clear and unequivocal information about the complainant's identity and shall give all the relevant details that gave rise to the complaint. 

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