Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy information of users

- The user is responsible for the protection of his or her personal information such as the username and password and all personal data, and must make every effort to protect them and protect against unauthorized access. Any action by the holder of the name User and password will be considered as valid for the account holder's account and will be valid. If you forgot your password, try to recover it from the Forgotten Password section or contact the site support.

- If the user notices that their username and password has been discovered by someone or if they are using another device, they will be notified to the support team as soon as possible that the account has been temporarily blocked. After re-checking and ensuring the password is secure, the password will be changed and re-connected

- Your Casabet365 Identity will always be communicated through email to ensure that users' personal information is secure.

- The user is responsible for storing personal information and emails associated with your account, and any consequences arising from its disclosure are at the sole responsibility of the user and the individual is not liable for any loss or damage through communication between the site and the user using the Does not accept registered email.


- In the case of possible interference with the outcome of the match and the selection of coefficients (including the likelihood of collusion), the single player has the power to stop payments on the event or cancel the predictions on the match. Further research will be followed to avoid similar events and will be handled by the user in accordance with the rules of the site.

- If there are solid reasons for having a predetermined match, the single bet will have the option to block payments for this match and return the recorded forecasts. These reasons may be predicted by one or all of the possible methods based on the size, number, and nature of predictions. The decisions of the official authorities are also taken into account in this regard.

14 For unfinished events that are considered to be canceled, if not specified in the Sports Rules, all predictions can be reversed, except those that refer specifically to the event stop time. To predict unfinished events on time, there is relative relative efficiency (time, etc.), unconditional return.

Move events

- If the time of the beginning of an event changes and is not specified in the sports rules in this regard, all predictions on this event can be reversed.

- During the course of a race, climb to the next round, predictions will remain valid if the game time is due for the upcoming days or the playground changes. If the team's departure for the next round is canceled for any reason later, the console will be ignored and payment will be made according to the results of the tournament. If the second match is not held or unfinished, all predictions on it, including climb, can be reversed. Payments on the climb will only be made on the predictions made before the first match. If no matches are made, predictions will be returned.

Calculate predictions

- Casabet365 determines the results based on official reports and alternative sources of information (such as match videos) after the end. Calculating predictions based on the results in the "Statistics" section of the single site. In the event of a contradiction in the various sources of information as well as obvious errors, the final decision for the match's performance will depend on the identification of the technical team.

- All user requests for verifying the results of a single site should be based on official information sources (official websites of the teams and competitions). Other sources of information can not be considered as a reliable source for re-examination.

Valid results, which are considered as final results, are those that are based on official protocols or other information sources after the end of the competition. Relevant official sources are as follows:

If necessary, one id can also use other official sources. In exceptional cases, the site has the discretion to ensure that its exact result is ensured by viewing the contest videos.

- The live events prediction results are calculated based on what is recorded after the end of the event or contest. All future changes (for example, referees' decision change after the end of the game) are not considered. The website calculates these predictions based on real-time statistical data. Unless otherwise indicated, all predictions about the athletes who are not participating in the match will be declared null and void.

- When the website statistics (with television coverage) are different from official figures, all forecasts are calculated on the basis of website statistics.

- If more than one participant or team is declared to be the winner of the contest, the odds ratio is divided by the number of winners (the coefficient can not be less than 1).

- All operations on the site are based on the currency that the user chooses during the registration period.

- All predictions are considered valid and calculated, even if the event or tournament is not completed, on the specified results (in particular forecasts, who scored or won a particular section of the match).

- If the contradiction in the special rules of sports is not formed, the result announced on the day of the match is considered as the result of the competition. Any possible changes resulting from the game and its reconsideration by officials will not have any effect as a result of the projections, and the initial result will remain as a result of the projections.